Theology and Apologetics Roundtable: My Letter To Dr. John MacArthur

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

My Letter To Dr. John MacArthur

I am an avid listener of John MacArthur radio ministry. When I became a Christian at 15, Grace To You played a huge role in my spiritual growth and sanctification process. Through Grace To You I was able to grow in the Word and decipher the texts in its proper context. I am thankful daily for the ministry and preaching of John MacArthur.

With that said, I am also grieved at how a man under his leadership, Fred Butler, can remain an active role in the ministry despite his vicious and proactive involvement in the online harassing and defamation of Dr. Ergun Caner and his son Braxton who at the age of 15 committed suicide and in my personal opinion, due to the relentless attacks from Pastor JD Hall and a mob of "believers" including Fred Butler. It pains me to see the silence of John MacArthur in this matter. As I personally watch a man, his wife, and youngest son grieve a tragic loss to this day, these online attacks have continued to come their way. Fred Butler's hands are not clean in this ordeal whatsoever.

I pray Dr. MacArthur that you diligently look into this matter and call evil for what it is and sin for what it is. You have been a huge blessing in my life and I know without a doubt you are a man of integrity, wisdom, and living above reproach.

In His Name,
DeMarcus Sullivan