Theology and Apologetics Roundtable: October 2012

Friday, October 5, 2012

Our Body is a Temple!

I realized several months ago that my fitness level was beginning slough off. My weight had the constant "yo-yo" effect. I would go through periods of eating healthy and staying active and then revert back to snacking and junk foods. However, beginning in May, I started Les Mills Pump home program from Beachbody. I must say that is one of the wisest decisions I made in my life in a long time. 90 days later and I watched my body go through an amazing transformation. Health and fitness is now a daily lifestyle for me. I supplemented my workouts with eating clean (whole foods, organic when possible, low fat) and Beachbody's flagship nutrition drink Shakeology. Shakeology was the real impact in my diet. I dropped 15 lbs alone in two months just from drinking Shakeology as a meal replacement every day. I won't go into ALL the nutritional details and benefits of this super drink (you can find it on the link), but it is low calorie, low sugar, and most important...low glycemic. It is a favorite for diabetics because it controls insulin spikes and it lowers cholesterol dramatically!

Today especially in the great USA, we are becoming an obese nation and sadly many of us have no clue of the harmful toxins we are consuming in today's overly processed foods. We live in a different time than our grandparents and great grandparents did. Today we have so much regulation and food laws and companies cramming fillers, artificial stuff, and basically anything difficult to pronounce is pretty much dangerous. We tend to forget that what we put in our bodies is what we get out. If we put in junk, junk is going to show through us outwardly. So many of these toxins can lead to all types of cancers, heart disease, diabetes, and excess fat.

My physical transformation has rolled over into my spiritual life as well. In 1 Corinthians 6:19-20, Paul tells us that our physical bodies are a temple for the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit dwells in the Christian. We know that the role of the Spirit is to enable us to carry out the Christian life that God desires for us to live. We as believers have been both forgiven and bought by God through our faith in Him. We are not our own anymore. Amazingly, we have been set free from the chains of sin and given freedom to live for Jesus. The Church is all called the Body because it is a living organism made of many parts. We all have spiritual gifts and callings on our individual lives to serve God in some capacity. My question is this. If we are not keeping our lives healthy then how can we carry out our calling. I'm not preaching immortality, but longevity of life in the O.T. was honored and held at such high esteem. These were the very people that walked by faith in God daily and lived very holy practices, including their diets. We all have a calling. I'm sure all of us want to live long enough to see God's great work accomplished through us and our kids lives and their kids lives, etc. We can start with practicing daily health and fitness habits. No matter what your fitness level may be. Anyone can transform their lives back to health. It takes discipline. It also helps to have support to motivate you along the way. I would be more than happy to give you that support. As a personal health and fitness coach, it is my passion to stick with you as long as I possibly can to help anyone achieve their health and fitness goals. That's a promise.

I encourage anyone who is interested in getting their health back on the right track to please don't hesitate to check out my fitness page and contact me for any questions and concerns you may have regarding fitness training and nutrition. It's my goal to help you reach your goal.